Monday, July 27, 2009

A Look at the Porch Addition

Here is a look at the porch addition in Mount Pleasant.

Project Complete!

After several months, this porch addition is complete! Now the owner can sit on her backporch and enjoy the beautiful Lowcountry sunsets. The crew worked diligently making this homeowners’ dream into a reality. They followed the architectural plans of Alice Nixon Burress, AIA, ASID, the Director of Citadel Enterprises’ Design Division. Her design included:
  • Converting the existing deck to become screened porch
  • Adding additional skylights in porch situated to maximize interior light
  • Deleting the chimney to give homeowner more usable space and more openness to porch

The crew spent the past several months executing the architectural plans. They:

  • Removed the old deck and chimney
  • Engineered and built a new foundation
  • Replaced three doors leading to the porch
  • Replaced old skylights with new skylights that have adjustable louver blinds
  • Replaced entire roof with heavier grade
  • Painted the entire exterior with new color scheme
  • Tore down old porch due to structural issues and built new porch



At the completion of the project, the owner was thrilled with the results of the project!

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Near Completion

This Mt. Pleasant porch addition is near completion. Applying a waterproof membrane to the new low slope roof is one of the final steps that need to be performed before the homeowner can enjoy her outdoor living space. The product used is called Hydro Stop and is a Charleston based manufacturer of waterproofing materials.
Citadel Enterprises is a certified Hydro Stop applicator.

Due to pop up thunderstorms and falling leaves, we had to install a tarpaulin to protect the area while the Hydro Stop dried.

Once the crew is finished waterproofing the roof, all that remains to do is paint the new porch and complete the final inspection.

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Skylight Installed

Now that the flooring and walls of the porch are close to completion, it’s time to start looking up. The crew is now working on creating the holes for the skylights. Two pairs of skylights were installed.

Porch Skylight

Porch Skylight

When installing skylights, it’s important to have a quality contractor do the work. If skylights are not installed 100% perfectly, they may leak resulting in wood rot and damage to interior finishes. The skylight flashing is a critical aspect of the installation.

Porch Skylight

The two skylights on the porch were installed with a factory supplies tilted curb which is needed in low roof slope applications.

Den Skylight

Installing skylights can enhance any room. They add to the aesthetics of the room and allow natural light to fill the space. The two in the den measure 16 square feet each. They have internal retractable blinds and can also be opened to allow for ventilation.

Den Skylight

Den Skylight

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The Project Continues

Progress is being made at this room addition in Mount Pleasant. The new back porch is certainly taking shape. Now that the floor is down and the framing for the walls and ceiling are up, the crew builds the stairs to the porch.

These stairs are made of synthetic material and require no weatherproofing. This will ensure the stairs do not lose their look.

These are the new front steps as seen from the front of the home.

Here are the front steps as viewed from the side.

Back on the porch, the crew faced a wiring challenge. While the roof tie-in and skylite installation was being done, our workers discovered a preexisting wiring problem. The old splice was a fire hazard. We quickly reworked the splice which was encapsulated in an accessible junction box.

The wiring problem was discovered and quickly fixed by reworking the splice.

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Removing the Roof & Adding the Doors

In addition to adding a porch on the front and back of the house, this homeowner wanted more sunlight in the family room. The architect of this project, Alice Nixon Burress, suggested adding skylights to the room. So, the next item the crew needs to tackle is removing parts of the roof to make way for the skylights. The old skylights were removed and the openings enlarged to accept the large 4 foot x 4 foot skylights. These skylights will never leak!!

Back on the ground, the crew continues its work on adding a beautiful porch to the back of the house. The homeowner wants French doors. These doors enhance the look of the addition and will allow plenty of sunlight to stream inside the new porch.

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The Porch Floor and Walls

The next phase of this design/build project is continuing to work on the back porch. With the piers in place and the floor framed, the crew installs the floor planks. The decking selected is a synthetic material with a wood grain finish. The color resembles real teak wood. The decking is slip resistant, colorfast, and requires little maintenance. The planks are fastened in place with tounge and groove bisquits thus there are no exposed nail or screw heads.

Once the floor is complete, the crew begins putting up the frame for the walls and ceiling.

A multitude of structural strapping and clips are used to prevent wind up-lift.
This addition is on schedule. Citadel Enterprises is committed to completing projects on time and on budget. However, if something should change or a problem arises, it will be communicated to the client. If you have any questions on this home addition or need more information, contact us at You can learn more about our latest Aging in Place remodel by clicking here.